Etude House Oh m' Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner

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Etude House Oh m' Eye Line Liquid Eyeliner

Hi Dollies
How are yall doin'? its the rainy season here in Philippines and its also a chance
 to wear those winter-ish clothes hehe

the cute potion bottle~ i also love the font very lovely hihi~

Closer look, click the photo for full size view :3

Soft thin art liner brush and jet black color :">

toke a photo while i was on the road~

 After a whole day of running from place to place, its still there 

Price & Size
P198 pesos / more or less $4.69 US dollars
♠ affordable
♠ i like the bottle
♠ Jet Black Color
 Also Available in colors Grey and Brown
♠ easy to apply and soft brush
♠ the brush is thin, so to those who like thin lines or liner art, you can count on this one
 dries at the right time. when i apply my liner it usually takes me 2-3 sweeps and thankfully it does not damage the first coat
 did not smudge, im impressed!

♠ none

♠ i also heard about Etude Tear Drop Liners, they are good for pearly white or highlighting the eyes, much expensive but i think its worth the try if you love pearly highlighters, check etude house to test it out your self :)
♠ you gotta check the Oh m' Eye Lash collection, they are affordable and they work great

Will i repurchase?
Yes! i like this way more than the Styling Eyeliner <3

when i run out of it but i'd also like to try gel liners from etude, the thing is i rarely use makeup and liners since i only go out once or twice a week, my work is home-based at the moment

QUESTION: Did you try this already? how was it? What is your favorite Liner from Etude?

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