Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment and Sleeping Pack

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today i have two Etude prods reviews for you, and its also requested by a reader im hoping to have more time for editing my next post, loads of posts pilled up now huhu~ anyway here we go desu.. 

Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

The whole Silk Scarf Collection. the shampoo and conditioner bottle is Love!
my hair treatment <3

if you ask me this is the prettiest hair treatment bottle ive ever seen, i love the print!

According to Etude 
Specially formulated with oil complex and floral scent.
1. Restores and reinforces brittle and damaged hair
2. Prevents future breakage
3. Leaves your hair strong
4. Soft hair
5. Silky
6. Manageable

*used once or twice a week, 5 minutes.

Price & Size
P378 pesos / $9 US dollars
12months before expiration

♠ cute packaging♠ love the smell, i hate my hair smelling like melon or coconut so im quite happy this is floral, it has a hint of floral smell and grape
♠ its like magic! my hair is just so soft and all~ so happy~ everything i said above 1-6, its all true!
♠ totally worth every penny, 378 for 200ml? gottah have this!

♠ None but the description on the back with white text and very light background, its hurting my eyes >,<
Will i repurchase?
This is literally the best hair treatment ive ever tried so far. i have natural curly hair and this kind of hair is just hard to manage. ive tried coconut hair treatments, salon treatments, and other watsons products, etc. But nothing worked as great as this. less hair fall, manageable hair, soft, silky everything. This saves me up ton of time..i dont need to comb my hair for 10-30 minutes..i just need 5minutes in the bath. yes i cant comb my hair unless its wet, i know its bad to comb your hair when its wet, but i hold my hair on the roots, if i comb my hair dry it will be a disaster. You Gals gotta try this, ive heard if you want a dramatic effect try this one, the conditioner is also great but nothing so special about it, but if you have sensitive scalp or hair Silky Scarf shampoo and conditioner is for you :)

Sleeping Pack (pore and oil control)

Price & Size
P448 pesos / $10 to $11 US dollars

♠ keeps my face matte making it less oily and controlling the pores from getting larger

♠ im not used to packs like this, it feels like im putting a hair conditioner on my face, so uncomfortable..
♠ takes time to dry

♠ it does nothing in terms of pore tightening

Will i repurchase? looking for a sleep pack with pore-tightening properties that works, the oil control part is ok with this but the pore-tightening is not working for me.

QUESTION: Did you try the Silky Scarf Treatment? if not have you tried anything from this line? how was it? What about the sleeping pack have you tried it? share your thoughts ;)

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