Lena Fujii 藤井リナ Fujii Rina and Rola

i like the way Lena looks like, i think both of her beauty marks are lovely and she looks more of Japanese than European, and thats because she is only 1/4 European and 3/4 Japanese. But ive heard from youtube that she has an attitude problem, i like her on photos more on videos, she looks more charming on photos.
The only downside is sometimes i think she is too sexy for high fashion elegance if you know what i mean, ans her face is sorta chubby but still those are the main reasons shes famous, sexy and cute.

Rola reminds me of Shirota Yuu, they look alike. i have a crush on Shirota Yuu. She also looks like youngest makeup guru on youtube i think her account is MacBarbie. She also looks like my sister and dad, im partly arab they have little similarity with Bangladish, i have a friend from bangladish but they look more indian than arabs. i find her very attractive but i cant love her back coz it feels odd she looks like Shirota and a little like my sister lolz

She looks more foreign because based from the video what i understood is her father is from Bangladish ans her Mom is half Japanese-Russian (lovely mix) i wonder how her mom looks like im so curious hehe :)

Although i like her so much its also too much kawaii overload, teen-ish vibe into her gestures, sometimes its funny but most of the time its too much but shes still outstanding.




私は理解しているビデオから基づいているため、彼女は父親がBangladish ANSからの彼女のお母さんが私が彼女のお母さんは、IMなど好奇心のように見えるんだろう半分日本 - ロシア(美しいミックス)です。ですより多くの外国人に見えます。

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