Llama is Fabulous! Me and Kori n' cup, aMz mood today is...

just me playing around hehe fast Gif Edit Go! Llama is Fab! XD
Button Overload! lolz i love the cups and muffin with bunny
the most, wait also the pandas <3

aMz mood
This nonstop rain..its been two weeks! its making me feel irritated..will someone stop the rain pls? i swear ill bring some american-indians if only i could, anything to make the rain stop..mooh~ 

Quote of the day
"Be careful Your Self is Your Worst Enemy and most of the time we dont know it"
"Growing up is not about doing whatever you want just because you can, its about doing the right things in life."

Movies..still trying to search for something worth watching i think im going to watch Korean Movies now like Gangs or some comedy-action..i miss watching those kind of stuffs!

Listening to
Buck-Tick Romance and Kagerou...super addicted to the song romance the lyrics and the way Atsushi Sakurai looks...omg *Nose Bleed* fan girl dies from too much moe in her head~ 

Latest Happenings
i will purchase 3 pairs of Geo, 2 of them graded, 1 is not because i will be wearing it while im also wearing my glasses (Megumi Fetish?) hehe. well 2 pairs will be here in no time i just could not wait so i ordered anything available on hand. the Gossip Gray will be on my hands in 2 months..thats a very long time..yadaa~ T^T

in other news someone gifted me pink headsets :"> thank you nya~i always end up breaking headsets thats why :P this year three victims! but they are old ones and cheap so im not so im not feeling guilty hehe ill take care of the new one i swear :)

Planning to
Go anywhere...dafuq im stranded in my own house because of this rain and i cant even do laundry on my terrace, ye know sunny day so you will just clip the clothes on the rope..classic hehe :) 

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