Rainy Days~ Purple Hair again, Shopping on Friday the 13th, Peri Peri Portuguese Chicken..etc

Shopping / Dining
Best thing to eat on a rainy day, Korean Ramen <3
Nails of the week- hot pink and gradient purple, im holding a mini C2, im kinda obsessed with drinking C2, i know its bad for my health to drink 2 liters a day of C2 but it is what it is hehe

Would like to tell you a funny thing that happened, i saw some Jejemons in the entrance of the mall, first time ive seen some in real life, kids in highschool, if you dont know what jejemons are, they wear loose shirts and pants, and hats, long socks, they look like rappers from the 1990s only worse XD Remember when Elephant Pants were in trend? i was in highschool back then, thats how they look like..anyway the funny thing is, the guard did not let them enter the mall, he said those outfits were banned. im like O_o then went like XD ahahah seriously!? What if i wore something like Cat Woman you wont let me in? Anyway the point is..it was too funny, seems like Jejemons are too annoying to be allowed in the mall.


DC shoes Tricks got em' i have my Dc already and its black hehe

if you like bulky cool shoes visit DC, the store with loads of new designs is Trinoma branch. Dont ask the guard where it is lolz we tried asking a guard, he said there is no DC store in Trinoma, me and my friend were pretty sure there is one, good thing we looked around and did not listen to him. By the way DC is having a 30% Sale on selected items/shoes this month of July, you might find something you like :)

Switch Nation

Awesome Vintage and Geek Designs
The only design i dont quite get is the plus sized lady trying to eat her toes 
Hats, Belts, and bags, pants and clothes on sale

And yours truly

Switch Nation Trinoma
The staff were really nice, and some shirts were on sale, im glad we went in! i just love my shirt!the red Godzilla is mine! Rawr! hehe. the two other shirts is for my friend, they were on sale 100 pesos off, from 495 we got them for 395 each


 Watsons Annex - bought one for my sis Garnier roll-on which i did a review on here (http://www.amz88.blogspot.com/2012/06/review-garnier-pure-active-anti.html)

My only target was to buy garnier and a foundation, bought some extra stuff, the little cute bottle and cup cake balm, i couldn't resist at all Two cute nail polish colors, coral and old-pink, i like to call it old pink coz it reminds me of bookish colors, old-english


from Tickles Trinoma - seriously how cute is the Lolipop lipgloss, i saw a review on this on a blog before, the blogger said it was nothing special but i think the packaging is so pretty i just have to grab it! Shoe-lace for my DC shoes, but its in coral, i wanted dark pink or magenta, sadly none was found. Oh well ill try to find me another lace soon..
Thats not a Grenade! i mean it is but its not an actual one hehe its a pen XD yes i love collecting unexpected stuff...not a lolipop but a lipgloss, not grenade but a pen lol

online shopping

Contact Lenses, two pairs for me and the other two is for my friend Jen
Bought Purple and Grey, i wanted Sky Blue but no sky blue was available 
for my grade -1.75 Anyhow i will be reviewing the lenses as soon as i get
me a new solution. my eyes are too sensitive, i need a trusted brand.

Korilakkuma <3 i just love the pink envelope organizer and pouch 
Nyanpire and Rilakkuma, i bought the small stuffies as a set so there is some Rila

my cute little neko cafe pendant or chain to be

As we entered the place the waiters go "Ollah senorita" and clap, so cool, then my goofy self came up with this..i whispered to my friend "no intiendo" XD 

 Waiting for our order, they have 49 pesos or 1$ something Soup and Beverage all you can offer, great deal, there is juice and soda, also iced tea; chicken soup and corn soup. since were having chicken i went for the corn soup.

top shot, huge plate. i ordered a combo, chicken and shrimp, i was pretty much hungry and i have to admit i dont know how to Diet because im acidic and i need to eat every now and then, i get hungry easily and i love eating lol, the plate was as huge as a laptop 14" or 13", the girl on the table beside me reaction when she saw the waiter giving us the huge plates, she was like O_O lolz..im a big eater :P this one is 200+ pesos, they have other meals for 100+ which is the regular ones, like 1pc chicken meals. 400 pesos for a whole charcoal grilled chicken.

*insert mexican music* corn corn oleh~

They offer to choose the spiciness level of your chicken (Mild, Medium, and Hot) mine is Hot but the thing is its not that really hot, i mean even the dipping/sauce was not hot at all, im kinda disappointed..i expected it to be sooo hot but its nothing..i sound like im bluffing but dude i eat red chilli with regular food, thats the reason i got acidic and i dislike drinking water. Anyway the food was very good though, i recommend this place, this day the other table were having a birthday party, i think they offer group meals. 

The thing i love about this place is..they freakin' have ippo makunouchi on the screen..yes Anime in a Portuguese styled place, me and Tricksy really found this funny..i even asked the waiter..

Me: Why do u guys show anime?
Waiter: oh..before it was HunterXHunter
Me: what? :)) XD but why anime?
Waiter: it was requested by a customer before, then ever since then we kept the anime on screen.

so thats it, i think people like watching anime hehe ^^

SM North Edsa - Annex Branch

Tous les Jours

croissant and lady magdalene ♥ finally found a perfect croissant, been looking for magdalenes and found some; cafe latte w/ arabica bean, apple pie and Milk Bun..TLJ ♥

im kinda familiar with french pastry and i was wondering about these magdalenes..i thought they were going to be like cookies but the texture is cupcake and also a little hint of lemon, i want chocolate..its passable though. Apple pie was fine with all that layers of thin crusts nom nom!

Me in Purple Gradient Bangs again
i used a temporary hair spray and im not going to use it again because the product was so toxic! could not breath much ugh~ the smell is too strong but only while spraying it. i might look for temporary color gels, or anything good, does anyone know any available product locally? :3

i love purple

2NE1 and Tekken, do you think its cool? i think Dara looks the best out of them all, 2nd is Minzy, who is your choice?

 aMz mood
Annoyed..Rain! too much rain! the 1st floor, our guest room is kinda flooded, i mopped for more or less than 30minutes

Quote of the day
"Forcing people to have faith never result in faithful hearts. It is freedom which is the base of virtue"

J-Drama: Mop Girl and Rich Man Poor Girl
Hey Arnold: 90s cartoons i used to watch
See-Food 3D movie: i love moving animation 3d movies coz im into graphics

Listening to
just my usual J-music and some disney songs in another language

Latest Happenings
i seriously want to get out of this daily routines, its the same thing everyday, i want to break out!

Planning to
i have planned before to finish something work related and im still not even starting it, wth...i need to do this for my own sake, but i feel more like sleeping because of this weather and my flu

~Lolz Never mind my negativeness XD i just wanted to nag and rant about this weather :P

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