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Latest Happenings
im kinda not inspired as much as before this month for some reason and im also trying to do more in my work so i can haz more money :3

This rainy month is just soooo Lazeh~ 
isn't Pusheen so cute? hehe, im having a Teacup-Cat fetish, remember my neko pendant from my last post? i kinda want to buy a pusheen ring, of course he gotta be in a teacup lol

Again i bought some cute stuffs but no Korilakkuma sadly, i hope ill find some worth buying soon, i also bought some nail water-decals, i used one of them here

Planning to
color my hair but im still thinking twice because it might affect work-wise, so i need to know how to wash them off, semi-perma..

Brave, Ice Age 4, Madagascar, MIB, BIG, Hey Arnold, See-Food, Sprout, Rich Man Poor Girl, The Emperors new Groove 1&2

Brave - i love irish/scottish accent so much and im very much flattered she have the same hair as mine only im not ginger lolz and the 3D is awesome, the 3 lil' bears were so kawaii but it was not as great as i expected it to be, i mean the story..but the 3d is all great

Ice Age 4 - very funny and entertaining, short though and not as remarkable as the past ice-age movies.

Madagacar - i super loved the story of this one and the italian accent of the seal lolz and i love this more than brave and ice age :P oh king julian xoxo

MIB - really good movie but not as adventurous or  great as the past MIB movies

The Emperors new Groove 1&2 - you should really watch the 1st movie and ignore the 2nd one

Korean Drama, i finished it long time ago, i hate endings so its kind of a miracle i watched this till the end though i skipped alot, i mean srsly i know whats gonna happen anyways, i just cant leave the 30 yr old guy alone, his attractive ahaha!

Hey Arnold
Do you remember this show? its one of my fave 90's cartoons :) i just love the personality of Helga the most, the other characters are quite interesting, and i just love to wait on how Helga will react to everything

3D animated movie, im into marine life and animation so why not? the story is more serious than Nemo and also the 3D is not that impressive as Nemo but this is not a Disney movie and its still good to watch

Listening to
im in the mood for boybands :)) and yes its not Kpop bands but the epic american boy-bands before
O' Town - All or nothing
Nsync - this i promise you
Back Street Boys - Get Down

Also some of the things im obsessed with below 

Listening to 2NE1 it Hurts 
this is the no. 1 Music Video of 2NE1 on my list ever since it was first released, it just gives me the Studio Ghibli and all that cute little witch feel i love. Dara looks so darn cute despite that hair but its the concept and im loving it! plus CL looks like an evil modern witch, Bom looks like a doll witch, and the hair of Minzy is so fantastic! made her look like a young smart witch. i like Minzy's voice the most in this song. The Freaking Guy in this video is HOT!

Awesome English Version

Listening to BUCK-TICK
Atsushi Sakurai-sama~ Kyaaa~ love the music and songs, lyrics, vocalist voice, concept, everything babeh!
First Fave Romance

Second Fave Song Kagerou

The Flood 
Did not reach my area..thank God! i live in a subd called "Heights" coz its a mountain literally, but of course its a modern subdv. Me and my family are safe, but im so worried about my friends back in Marikina and Cainta and lower Taytay, i really hope this rain stops, its been raining everyday or every other day since June 25th but this time its different the rain did not stop, more than 24hrs of rain caused some areas to sink, i mean u can not even walk into those areas, its like 20feet thick..what in the world! pls dont let Ondoy to happen again.
to those who live in philippines and other countries affected by this pls take care and be safe

Thank You so much 
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