Review: Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

Lovely work! awesome, cool, need i say more?
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My Say
i gotta admit i was quite excited to watch this one because its been a while since i last watched a stop-motion creation by Burton, the last one was "Coraline" and i loved it!

Why did i watch this?

obviously fan of creepy cute and stop-motion and Tim Burton :)

its really detailed, inspiring! but the modern houses did not really amuse me, i really wanted an old era feel into it, like old homes and people dressed in classic old clothes.

really sweet, so sweet..the story was ok but the cheesy ending ruined it for me. its more for younger audience.

2D-3D Effects
quite lovely i'd say

Love the props the dolls, the stop-motion is much more smoother than the past movies, black and white is really smart, because if it was colored the creepy effect is gone. Love the characters! Specially Weird Girl and her cat, so cute.

Did not like: the houses, school, sweat suit teacher, and modern setting. i am also disappointed by the story, its quite much more simplier and not complicated than "Coraline" or "Nightmare before christmas", the ending is also way too cheesy, like a cartoon for kids, well this is suppose to be for kids right? but the thing is its less creepy than all Burton Creations. Maybe he wants to hit the younger generation and viewers, but as a Burton fan im really disappointed. Same as "Dark Shadows" it was a little funny but come on...all movies of Burton were epic except this one. darn it. i miss the old one like "Sleepy Hollow" and "Edward Scissorhands". i hope next year will be wayyyy better. Tim honey please come back!

Do i recommend this?
of course i do!

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