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Note All posts specially Sponsored Reviews and Giveaways will be posted on all the social networks and groups listed below with Total of 30,000+ people.

(Last Updated May 23, 2016)

Approximate Views
15,000 - 35,000      Views a month
5,000 - 6,500         Unique Visitors a month

500,000                Total Views and counting

Social Networks (13,777 and counting)
2,000 fb friends sharing posts, discussions
8,600 instagram followers
1,051 GFC followers
669    fb page followers
500    twitter followers
392    BlogLovin' - NEW ACCT
300    Tumblr followers - just photos/links to blog
265    Google +

Other Social Groups Joined (15,000+ and counting)
i am a Blogger
The Girls Inspired 
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for Advertisement

Due to Privacy matters i can not share the clients,
but i had couple of online sites who prefer paying via paypal rather than
Giveaways or Product Reviews

Because it is faster and with immediate results
No need to wait till end of a Giveaway or the arrival of the package for review

it really depends on the company if they want product blog reviews as feedbacks
or widen their SNS/Social Network Services and site member via Giveaways
Some might need an immediate advertising through blogs so this is the best option

For further inquiries please send me an email

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Actual Ad Sizes

Free Ads
Price         free
Size          200 x 200 Square
Duration    30 Days and/or Extended as long as there is a free spot left

Paid Ads  (Paid Ads will be prioritized and shown on the top of Sponsors/Ads list)
Price         $9
Size          200 x 200 Square on the right side column ads
Duration    30 Days

Price         $15 
Size          200 x 450 on the right side column ads
Duration    30 Days

Price         $20 
Size          680 x 100 on the right side column ads
Duration    30 Days

Payment made via Paypal

Disclaimer: i made the statistic list long 2012, to send to my possible sponsors. its now updated.

Affiliates and Sponsors

Thank You so much
Blog Features ( Giveaway & Reviews) Links
Firmoo Eyewear ( Giveaway / Review )
Etude House ( Event 2013 / Review )
Persun Mall ( Giveaway / Review )
Sammydress ( Giveaway / Review )
Trendsgal (Product Review )
DresSale (Giveaway / Review )
Love Shoppingholics Giveaway / Review )
Eye Candys
Pinky Paradise
Beauty Lenses

Affiliates & Sponsors List
Best Buy Hair
Born Pretty
Dress Lily
Dress Link
Dress Sale
Eric Dress
Etude House
Firmoo Eye wear
Persun Mall
Rose website
Sammy Dress
Sigma Beauty
Wedding Dress

Beauty Lenses
Eye Candys
Lens Village
Love Shoppingholics
Pinky Paradise

Amore Shoppe 
Dream Allure
Eye Candy Shop
Get Gorgeuous Shop 
Han Ryu 
Kawaii Case 
Shy Shop 
Sole Street

Eilyn Dorae Mon
GloomyBear Japaneh
Menggay Shop

Links and banners are placed on the left column of the blog.
Amount of feature and advertising depends on amount/value of items of sponsorship.
Disclaimer: All Products are bought with my own money unless stated Sponsored. All Product Reviews including Sponsored are based from my own honest personal experience.
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