Gloomy Bear Nails~

me sporting my nails lols, this day i tried eyeliner
only on my upper line, i wonder if it looks ok hmm

♥ ~ Gloomy Bear Nails ~ ♥

Hi Gals! How yall doin'? ;) i am not obsessed with gloomy bear, i do collect some but not as many as my other friends, because i have so many characters i like lols i can not focus on just one, and i kinda stopped panic buying plushies.

My first nail polish work this year is no other than this pink japanese bear, so kawaii even with blood, and who does not want blood these days? its so in! vampires and all lol joke :P

Anyhow this is totally unplanned, i wanted to polish my nails then i saw my baby pink color which i never used before, then i thought "wait...i have a red color! omg this means GLOOMEHH!!"
it turned out exactly as i wanted but i duno if its pretty for yall hehe since not everyone is a fan of gloomy but yah here it is :)

i hope you like Gloomy too, oh here is a link where you can see my other posts about gloomy ;)

You can also follow me on instagram for gloomy photos, insta name: punkybunny
i changed my name hehe


i thought i'd do more dramatic blood drops, coz me gustah

mini hand of gloomy awww~

partner in crime, red OPI mini
i like mini things :)) 

i used a toothpick to create the dripping blood, i feel more
ok using this than a brush

im thinking to make korilakkuma next
but right now i feel like velvet hehe anyway i hope i get more ideas, time, and inspiration to do nail stuffies in the future :D
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