#508 Fun Tag Liebster Award (2) Who i am

Hi Dollies 

Sapphire has been awarded, and she is sharing this tag to everyone hehe
i liked the questions and her answers and i thought its been a while since i last posted such thing. i want you to have an idea of who i am and how crazy i am! (joke)

The Liebster award is a blog award given to new, up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The rules for accepting the award are:
Post 11 random facts about yourself 
Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you 
Ask 11 questions to the bloggers that you nominate 
Nominate 11 new bloggers and link their blogs in your post 
Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've won !

11 Random Facts

1. i am so into Gackt right now and watched his reviews on Talk shows lol
2. i still wear eyeglasses but i prefer contact lenses when going to mall or movies
3. i have a long lost brother from my mother side which i met last year November :/
4. i have a big sympathy for stray animals and i usually rescue baby kittens...my Dad is also like this 
5. My greatest fear is losing someone i love.
6.  i really want to see pandas in real life because i haven't yet.
7. When i buy anything its usually the last one in stock. this happens very often like 9/10
8. i dont drink coffee and softdrinks, the only reason is i dont like them >,<
9. i was recently in the hospital this week ER and last week for my sis. i dislike hospitals.
10. i dont play any instruments professionally but i do know basic flute and drums. the reason why i dont play is because im lazy to learn. i wont use it anyway lol. i only learn stuff when needed.
11. i don't smoke or drink alcohol.

Questions from Sapphire

Favorite clothing brand/s?
Tokidoki, H&M. Lots of random stuffs.

What are your hobbies?
Used to play loads of Console Games. Playing MMO online games - PW, TWOM, Avabel, Tera.
Mostly Watching movies, shopping, dinning out in cafes and so on.
photography, graphic editing, writing on planners lol. Rarely crafting stuff like polymer clay accessories. OMG im so boring :)) i need to do gun-shooting, and martial arts soon.

Summer or Winter?
both, Summer for beach. Winter for snow and fluffy things to wear :3
But if you ask me i prefer summer, i cant stand cold weather.

What would you buy if you won the lottery?
Camaro Car and a weird house, vintage but modern.

What's the most difficult thing you've ever had to do and why?
to attend my best-friend wake.

If you could marry a fictional character who would it be and why?
Sebastian Sama! i OWN HIM! im one of the founders ahaha, i mean i've seen him since the release of the pilot episode. Why? i have butler-fetish maybe and i like evil, and he likes cats just like me. HE IS PERFECT!

Any nicknames you have?
Mieyai - what my mom and her relatives used to call me
Amoora - what my dad and his relatives call me till now

Have you ever won anything?
Wait is this school awards and trophies? i dont have trophies, i dont do sports.
But what i have is school certificates of excellence and medals.
in the past ive won some blog giveaways hehe
Recently 2014 i've won a Sephora Giveaway

Describe your fashion style?

Top 3 things you want to do before you die?
Travel a lot
Grow old together with my soul-mate
To see my grand children

Do you prefer going out or staying in?
staying in, always comfy in my bed...and do nothing hehe (Meow) Cat Mode ON!

Questions for Nominees

Why did you Start Blogging?
Who is your celebrity crush?
Your favorite food and drink?
Where do you want to travel?
Favorite Animals?
What is your wish or goal this year?
Do you have any allergies? (just curious lol)
Daddy or Mama's Girl?
Did you ever tried green mangoes with bagoong or sauce? (so random, its a filipino food)
The most unforgettable moment last year 2012?
Describe Your ideal Guy?



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