Post #502 Review: The Face Shop E'thym O2 Water Recharge Essence

i got samples of this from my membership gift pack like way before but i did not use it till now, i did not realize that it was mineral oil free. i don't regularly use moisturizers because i have oily skin but i don't want to look old anytime soon so i decided to use them regularly, specially before using makeup, makeup dries my skin. Even if you have oily skin you will need to moisturize if your 20+ of age now, its important to moisturize.

5 free
♠ Mineral oil free
♠ Paraben free
♠ Benzophenon free
♠ Artificial colorant free
♠ Animal origin ingredients free

♠ good for oily skin type like me yay
♠ i think its also free from alchohol (correct me if im wrong)
 it leaves my skin soft and young instantly lol
♠ glides smoothly
♠ not thick, feels like water instead of lotion or cream. its better than serums too.

♠ it smells too herbal but not that strong, and tolerable. the smell wears off. its not really a con though. 

Will i repurchase?
yes, i think this is a really good product, specially for my skin type, i love it! you gals should ask for samples and try it out! im no expert in moisturizers but this is better than what im usually using up-to now.

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