Post #504 Akumu Chan Gackt and my top 10 Jdrama

the girl from the drama "Mop Girl" Kitagawa Keiko

gackt kyaaa~ lol im not a super fan but i am a fan, listening to his
voice, and just him standing is already cool. everything he does is

This drama is so hot right now, i finished this last week :) im sure if your a japanese fan girl, you probably know Gackt-sama! *kilig* but im still a fan of Sakurai Atsushi (his younger version) and Buck-Tick band. i am also trying to listen to Gazzette. i gotta find time for this. Visual kei saiko!

You know i like odd stuff, spooky dreamland alice like? no problem im with you! 
i am a huge fan of Tim Burton, and this is like a japanese version of his work/aura but more colorful in a way. Although there are some disturbing scenes or dreams of Akumu chan. i have Sleep Paralysis and i still watched this! Yes someone had to watch me sleeping because i might get an episode of sleep paralysis. But it did not stop me from watching hehe. Thankfully i did not catch any bad dreams from my sleeping disorder. im starting to think maybe im cured? i dont want to risk it though.
This is my 3rd favorite Jap Drama 

aMz top 10 Jdrama list
1. Hana kimi Japan
2. Mei-Chan no shitsuji
3. Akumu Chan
4. Zettai Kareshi
5. Densha Otoko
6. Tokyo Dogs
7. Samurai High School
8. Switch Girl 
9. Atashinchi no danshi 

Others: Arakawa Under the Bridge, 
Hotaru no Hikari, Otomen, Attention Please, Sprout, Ouran High School, Yuusha Yoshihiko to maou no shiro, Mop Girl, Rich man poor woman, and some others that i forgot to mention hehe. this is just drama series. i watch movies too :)) 

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This song is so cool, i love how he looks here and his voice in the intro Kyaaa!!!
but again im more of of Sakurai Atsushi fan than Gackt!
im still exploring his other songs, yada! gackt sama~ hazukashi dakara...lolz XD
Any Song Recommendations? Visualkei band? coz i only like Versailles and Gazette 

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