Personal Life Thoughts: My Greatest Fear

Hi Everyone

its been a tough time for me since the last week of January 
just when i thought that "its a new year, its a new chance!"

i guess this is life.

so ive been in the hospital a lot lately.

last week of January someone very special passed away
my greatest fear is loosing someone close to me
and somehow this happened. i wont tell the details here, i 
hope you understand. if its hard for me her best friend, how 
much more painful it can be for her family. i tried my best to
be there for them. for her. i miss her so much. Godbless her soul.

(long post below)

Her Mom told me to cherish my health, and i am going for a full 
check up soon, because ive been having loads of byahilo. even if im
just home or watching a movie on theater. imagine? i feel so dizzy.
not the usual migraine. My stomach is acting up and stuff.

Anyway yesterday was her final resting and i still can not let her go.
the only thing i regret is not making a surprise visit to her.

Thankfully i stick to her like glue since college days; shes a quiet
type, and i am a loud one, we were always together.

We went to Rivers, Beach, fishing, Seminars, Studying, Eating out, Swimming..
even worked together, She graduated before me but i went after her and my OJT
was there. Oh we watched movies and also take photos of cosplayers together.

So much memories, She is irreplaceable. 

(long post end)

To Make things Short

i went to the Hospital for my youngest sis for her eyes to get checked from Cyst
Then weeks after my 2nd Youngest sister had a dry cough Pneumonia

both cases were not that serious and Thank God they are fine

 3rd week March my Sister, younger than me by 4 yrs (we are 4 girls)
She went through Surgery on her head. Plastic Surgery.
No bones has been broken, nothing neurologically serious Thank God talga!
the scan you see on the photo is her's. She was hit by a motorist.

Reality if painful. 

She is still here and doing great so i am very much thankful.

i was so scared to death. i almost had a heart attack. But i did had a panic attack.

The people who told us said "there is so much blood and her face is gone!"
They said it in tagalog "Wala nang Muka! Ang daming Dugo!" and when i asked who,
Because both my college sisters were still out at that time. They said it was the other one.
No matter who it is, its so unreal that this happened. 

after a week my Dad managed to get off from his work abroad and arrived immediately 
for my sister. Now she is doing great and still recovering her nerves and stitches on head
but she is so much better now. And we are trying to enjoy Dad being here with us too.

Be Thankful for the gift of life
Be Honest with your feelings to all people you meet
Cherish your family and friends
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