Post 527: Product Review Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argaon Oil

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil
Moroccan Liquid Gold

My hair is really curly/afro like, and the photo you see above is my hair puffed up!

i love how you can use this as a leave-on treatment or a deep treatment mask, its gentle and it works really great!

Price: 499 Pesos


♠ Cleansing Conditioner
♠ Conditioner
♠ Deep Treatment Mask
♠ De-Tangler 
♠ Leave-on Treatment 
♠ Zero Sulfates

♠ it really un-tangles my hair and works great
♠ its gentle, recommended for dry hair
♠ i have two choices: leave-on or mask treatment. Awesome!
♠ Sulfate free which is recommended for everyone, specially for dry and african-american hair so it wont strip all the oil from your hair and make it even more dry
♠ Recommended for people with thin hair

♠ the smell may bother some.
♠ the pump/tube is really small. (im thinking they already repackaged this or will do so)

it makes my hair poof! super un-tangled so my hair became afro even more. i wanted my hair to be manageable. Although its a very good product and im sure its going to work miracles on straight hair and it did work great on my afro hair but i dont like my hair being all puffy, its puffed up than usual, i wanted my hair to be more manageable after. ill just use another product along with this and a suave after, i dont like hair mousse, they are so intense and make my hair look fake and super solid. i have a very thick hair TAT im half arab and i think the Moroccan oil means its made for me lol joke.

Will i repurchase?

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