Post 531 Lilac Nails, Maxnina Earrings finally arrived! Shopping Etude House, Tony Moly, Free Starbucks frappe, リラックマ new plushies, kawaiiness~ How to restore your old Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner!


 Hi Dollies 

How you been? its rainy in my place this week and the rest of the world enjoying summer~
But im actually enjoying the weather, sleeping on a cold bed is so nom noms hehe

im suppose to be sorta forbidden from shopping, but here i am~

sorry im not showing my face lately, i do not have any interesting photos of my self.
been sick and wasted doing paper works. i want to doll up sigh...

Enjoy your stay on my blog hehehe

This week nails, lilac 

from my Starbucks planner, i gave my dad the coupon last month and he wasted it!
This month offer is awesome! i got another frappe for free hihi~
oh and i also got a free one last month from answering a survey on starbucks. oh they are generous!

dark light

planning to bleach my hair June 14th, i have to do an appearance first for my passport
Tony Moly Mascara looks like Maybelline! Even my friend said the same thing.
Re-purchased Eggpore nose packs and Dr. Tony

Found Etude Hair Mask at the Dept store! it was the last piece! lucky me! i went to two diff. stores and it was out of stock. (Review Here)

Mint Bobbie nail polish but it looks pistachio rather than mint, hmp!

After bleaching ill retry this color again Wine Red

its simple!
1. Add warm water to mug
2. place product
3. wait few seconds and open them up

be careful the liquid liner might be too watery if its left on the warm water too long

Another Tip: Pencil Liners that are not smooth? use a lighter on the liner head for a second. do not burn your self. if you are clumsy like me do not do it. we shouldn't be playing with fire either but ive seen some people do this on youtube and blogs.

Sponsored by (Store Review Here)

New Gloomies and Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, freebies yay! 
loving the panda so much woohoo!

Soooo Kawaiii!! baby Gloomy 

kawaii rilas, i have very few rilakkuma hehe

i murdered Rilakkuma and i made him my lunch! Muwahaha! just kiddin' lol~

nyanpire with watermelon chan!

i can not wait for the second movie, can you? kilan ba kasiii!!? tagal naman!
Despicable Me

love this cat 

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