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i have been thinking for the past few weeks getting my hair straighten or a new wig
long brown hair wavy with bangs and such, since i tried this wig on 
(cough cough...years ago) i got comments saying it suits me, but i am still
not that confident and comfortable with wigs and such

i envy girls with long mermaid hairs or ulzzang styles!

So if you have the same problem like me and want instant long hair
(it takes years to grow hair) i found a solution!

i saw this video on how to use hair extentions clip in by NekoNyapii

Applying it looked so easy and time-saving! instead also of going to a salon
why not style your hair your self, plus its really fun!

After the intro i will show you some of my picks first, or styles that i love!



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100% Human Hair? it can not get more natural than this!

i remember using a clip in hair in high-school to add color to my hair,

Do you remember the 90s funky clip ins? So many terms i do not understand
and experienced in hair evolution yet but will see if i will get into this.
its quite interesting! You gotta tell me if you tried any of these, share with
us your experience on the comment section :)

Check out the site so you can browse
its intriguing!

Hollywood Celebrities 
Fall Hairstyles + other finds

Beautiful Ginger Golden Hair

Scarlett Johansson
My Girl Crush Looking like a fab petite Barbie

The Different Lengths Cut
with Gradient Hair, Perfect for Fall Season!

Angelina Jolie
My Action Star! Luscious Hair!

Kim Kardashian
Black Disney Princess Jasmine Like Hair

How my hair will look like if Black and
settled down, with long clip ins or extensions.
May i say Ahoy Pirate Girl Hair!

Question: Which Fall Hairstyle is your favorite?
Not necessarily from the photos above.

Question: Did you use any hair tools mentioned in the intro, or clip ins before? How was it?

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