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Hi Dollies

Finally tried the Japanese Crepe!!!! i feel like i leveled up or something in a game hehe~
Why Japanese Crepe so popular? They are filled with bliss and flavor packed! And of course
they are super cute! Mother's Crepe opened in Megamall and i visited twice now!
This post is really late but yah hehee~ gomen~ 

So are you ready to go to sweet dreamland?

The Store

Simple yet Cute and Fun Yellow Color

this wall makes me feel happy, like im in a kindergarten and gona have kawaii snack lol

The counter, notice any hello kitty?

Parfait, Smootheis, or Drinks? Which one do you prefer?

Realistic Japanese Plastic Food Displays

Mango and Banana Nutella woah! i was in the mood for strawberries so
i picked the best seller or special that they recommended "Caramel Strawberry
Cheesecake Soft" Nom nom nom~

Irasahaimasen! Welcome!

oh the cuteness!

The Foodies

Cute Character Design Macarons! So kawaii!!!!!

Stares! Chiii...

Oh lawd!


Bubble Tea

Me kekeke~ 

Second Visit

i went to look for these, because they posted on facebook!

i failed...
Aside from Rila was not avail during the time i went
i was thinking why they did not make Korilakkuma sigh~
But its ok, i guess its my luck that night was kinda bad.

However i found these cutie pies

i visited pretty much late like 9-10pm hehe
so sadly i had no time to stay

My Melody, Kiiroitori, Little Twin Stars, and Garfield!

 if you are a Doraemon Fan, i suggest you buy everything! Look at the different expressions so cute~
Elmo and Cookie Monster
Lastly Minions

 Doraemon! i seriously find him so cute right now as a macaron hehehe~
aw hello kitty last one~

Take Out

Was going to buy Triple Chocolate Cake or something else but lets go with Cheese Cake for now~

On my next visit i want a parfait! With Nutella!
Each Bite Packed with Cheese overload!
i am not a cheese cake person lol but this was good
my friend likes cheese cake, i prefer dark chocolate~


Mazazu Megamall Ph Review
Claim: The review below is from my own personal taste; different people have different taste in food.

Caramel Strawberry Cheescake Soft
Presentation Saiko! Totally worth every penny! Delicious nom nom nom nom! Need i say more?
Bubble Tea
it was ok, not bad. But i definitely recommend the crepe!

The Staff
Are very nice and friendly, treated me so well~ thank you ~

The place
Simple and Clean, Fun color! Great specially for families and children snack time.

its a very nice place to go and have a break, get some delish crepes or parfait, relax, and chat.
With so many choices, and price range is also not bad from 75 to 200+ Depends on your budget.
its a budget friendly place teehee~

Crepes, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Tapioca Drinks, Coffee, Tea, Float, Sundae, Rice bowls, Smoothies.

Megamall (Atrium the top floor)
SM Aura


Click Here and then next photo for the next menu.

QUESTION: What will you choose from Mazazu?
if you tried eating here before What is your favorite?

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i Dont Bite~ Thankies~

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