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Hi Dollies

i blogged previously an introduction about this store Here:

So i am slowly trying to get my fashion style together
As much as i love to shop personally, usually i end up
wasting so much time and not finding anything that 
suits my taste. If you have a particular fashion style
like Lolita, Gothic, etc. you wont find anything in malls
but the generic ones. Sometimes though there is stores
in malls that sells what you want but triple the price!

Online shopping has always been a life savior!
it depends on how good you are in online shopping.
There is loads of issues including finding your right size.
i will share some tips later~

i find this awesome! i found it in the men clothes section! Yes they have men clothes.

i love this! Looks Warm enough for winter

For More Coats Browse Here

Pair the Coat with this fashionable bag, me likey its so unique

More Bags! Visit the Link Below

Black Wedges with Detachable Ribbons. Wow! this looks like its 6 inches tall!

can be used with Gothic fashion or Lolita or Gothic Lolita

Visit the link fot More Wedges!

 What do you think of my picks? im quite worried that im boring you with Black Fashion
But i cant help who i am, and what i love, gomen hehe...

They have Loads of other Stuffs like tops and accessories and everything under the sun
Korea Fashion and so on Visit the Link 

 Thank You so much  for Dropping by
All comments are appreciated

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